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Pastor & Spouse Ministry

Senior Pastor & Admiistrative Pastor Green of NBEA


2nd & 4th Saturdays at NOON

Join us via conference call for our Anointed Prayer Service. Please feel free to share your Prayer Request, and our team of Intercessors will pray on your behalf. 

Click here to submit request.

You may call in to join at:

(515) 604 - 9000

Code: 584913

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The Pastor and Spouse Ministry serves as support to all of the other ministries of the church.  This ministry consists of the Warriors for Christ, Virtuous Women for Christ, and Youth and Young Adults for Christ Fellowship. Layman Leaders work closely with our pastor and spouse to ensure the experiences of our male, female, young adult, and children members are catered to their spiritual and social needs. Our ultimate goal is for members of our cross generational congregation to connect with the church community through the use of their spiritual gifts and talents which will lead to a Kingdom "Call to Action Lifestyle." 

This ministry is composed of the following sub-ministries:

  • Warriors for Christ

  • Virtuous Women for Christ

  • Youth & Young Adults for Christ

Men's Fellowship

Warriors for Christ

Warriors for Christ is designed as a support system for the male members of our church. It is a time of bonding, praying, along with discussing the Bible and other real issues that men face.

Women's Fellowship

Virtuous Women for Christ

Virtuous Women for Christ is designed for the female members of our church. It is a time of relationship building, praying, as well as discussing the Bible and other real issues that impact women.

Youth for Christ

The goal of Youth for Christ Fellowship is to bring children and young adults to acceptance of Jesus through spiritual nourishment. Through direct and indirect activities, instruction and examples we seek to lead children to respond to Christ's love. We further seek to disciple them and help them to build bonds of friendship that will take them into adulthood.

Youth for Christ Fellowship

The goal of Children’s Church is to lead children toward knowing Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. To achieve this goal, we emphasize the following five areas:

  1. Formal instruction, such as occurs in children’s church classes.

  2. Informal instruction, in activities such as youth outings, and in the emotional atmosphere involved in all activities.

  3. Service opportunities, in which children and volunteers become involved in serving the community and church members.

  4. Adult Christian examples, in which children learn by seeing. Children see how adults interact with children, how they interact with other adults, and how they relate to God.

  5. Service and support for the parents. By offering children weekly religious instruction, we also free parents to participate fully in the adult worship service.

Young Adults for Christ Fellowship

The Young Adult Ministry is a co-ed ministry designed for the young adult members of our church. It is a time of relationship building, praying, as well as discussing the Bible and other real issues that impact young adults.

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