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Outreach Ministry Team

Outreach Ministry Team

Although no single church can possibly provide every type of outreach. In His wisdom, God has uniquely gifted each congregation with those who excel in particular types of outreach. An outreach may include world missions, reaching out to the poor and needy, a focus on children, prison, military, disabled, youth and young adults, senior citizens, arts related and the work place.


New Beginnings Baptist Church of East Atlanta is currently redefining its outreach focus. In the past, we have focused on Battered Women, Children, Feeding the Hungry, and Senior Citizen Outreach. Currently we have narrowed our focus on:

  • Community Walks and Charity Events that support social/health related issues.

  • Outreach to the poor and needy

  • Youth and Young Adult Outreach

Finally, we believe regardless of the form outreach takes, all churches are called to verbally share the gospel (evangelize), to reach out beyond their congregation, and to serve those in need. The method may vary, but the message is unchanging: Jesus Christ died for sinners, He rose again, and He lives today.

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