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Care Ministry


When you’re hurting, it’s difficult to focus on anything other than the pain. Whether it’s a conflict in your marriage, a death in the family, or another emotionally difficult issue, life can quickly become unmanageable. The Care Ministry is here to help people proactively grow as individuals and to provide assistance for those seasons in life when you need someone to lean on.

As a part of the Care Ministry, we have a team of caring volunteers that are available to visit shut-ins and loved ones of New Beginnings Family members or regular attendees who are in a hospital or in hospice care along with ensuring that the facility in which we worship is well maintained.

The Care Ministry currently consists of the following:

Mother Board

These groups of individuals have been identified by the Pastor as individuals who possess spiritual maturity and a servant’s heart. The Mother Board consists of seasoned women that have adult children. These mothers’s have shown a genuine concern for the well-being of their family as well as the local church family. Church Mothers should be available to impart great prayer and counsel to those in need and serve as spiritual mentors to members of the congregation.

Intercessory Prayer

There is POWER in coming together as a community to PRAY. We have a team that uses several opportunities to pray for family, friends, the church, our world and anything you need healing from. Prayer request may be placed on the church website or in the prayer basket located on the left hand side of the

pulpit. All prayer request should be forwarded to Sis. Dorothy Griffin.

Facilities Ministry

Facilities Ministries shall see that the facilities used for public worship are attractively arranged for each service and that all appointments needed in the service are in order.

The Facility Ministry is responsible for securing the necessary individuals to ensure the upkeep and maintenance of the inner sanctuary and building grounds. The ministry is responsible for ensuring that the facility is in compliance with local codes and insurance policy.

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